Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Infinity life line drawing

These are my ongoing new drawing on the left. I mean I started yesterday and I have no idea what I will fill inside. I am just follow the lines. What I am thinking while I am drawing this is about infinity souls need to find the different path where is inside us. How we look like has little importance and human is not that great as we wish to be yet. All is about feeding Ego, the illusion in this world at the moment. But to stop all habits and to live as I think is way too difficult for me. Sometimes I wish that I could give up all and go back...  But going back where? To the past? To where love and hatred are circling endlessly? for the comfort...? Because most of us are living like that?

Talking about Marie Le Pen. I watched her discussion yesterday. It was obvious to me that she is someone who blames others a whole time. She got none for the better future of France and the quality of her, gosh... I don't believe she would win either but she has been 2nd candidate in France. This is quite a shock to me. Playing people's anger was working! Is world become worse than ever before? World leading countries shows ego centric ignorant behaviors then is there other leading countries emerging? South Korea has been looked for good examples from North America and Europe to grow up further like many other countries of the world. I hear the sound of crumbling or shrinking inwardly. I think of young generations who will get confused by these wrong adults. Can they dream as our generation once did? We thought that we could change the world for the better but... we didn't. Mentally I felt very weak lately. This drawing has come to me when I thought that I am sitting on the ashes and that time some energy came to me. It says I need to get up. But I don't know if that energy is to stay... Probably this new energy will be on and off to settle somewhere in me.

The right one, whale house drawing has finished with a surfer, I think it's perfect position to be.

When flexible lines get mature they become straight and if my mind is clear, straight line can be much better. However my eyes probably need glasses sooner or later. Why didn't I draw more when I was younger hahaha...

The third day of drawing process.
I stopped during the day because of some emotions took over me while I was drawing this today. I want to go a bit slowly for the details.

Marie Le Pen was in Bretagne today and welcomed by pouring eggs on her head..

When I see politicians I wonder how we got this much wrong and from when... The important people in the world are mostly not at all interesting or respectable ones. Why we are giving the power to these wrong people? Can we fix this?

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