Saturday, December 13, 2014

family portrait

Let's say there are prisoners, type A who has a strong plan to run away and a goal to achieve, type B who has a mild plan with mild mind and type C who doesn't have a plan or specific goal but constantly running away. I guess I am type C whose running away became wandering around.

What is art? Since I was young I thought that art is the language of purity and holiness which reveals the beauty of truth. But now I think that art itself can not be spoken that pure language without true hard process. And the true process is more about our mind than painting itself. I use that mind to make paintings as a mirror of what I am thinking specially in spiritual side. And once again talking about Krishnamurti teaching, I encountered a burning fire with heavy homework. The truth is that I can't be who I am not or yet to be. If I am not the owner I can't take the driver's seat. So I had an upgrade not a total transformation. But I have no doubt that Krishnamurti is one of true visionary treasure people I must get to know more.

During painting oil I don't change brushes that much. In fact I use 2 to 3 brushes as a size matter for a day. This is not a good example because normally we need to change brushes on different color tones. But in my case it became personal habit since I live in a clean rented studio where I can't afford to mess it up and my time for oil painting is very limited since light is often dark in Normandy. En plus I don't like to clean my brushes because of my lazy nature.

Painting portrait of three people in one small canvas was very a difficult experience for me. Reality and expression are quite intense here, I feel a bit suffocated. The struggle I had in this painting was Seb"s face. It is quite a challenge for me. I had a strong desire to remove his face but if I remove him he wouldn't be so happy so instead I decided to put a bit smudge effect on his face then I could avoid the feeling of too crowded... But next time more than two faces on a small canvas I wouldn't dare to do it again. Could I be able to finish this painting within this year ?

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