Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Portrait of father

Before I start new painting I have to finish what I didn't finish last year. First my father's portrait here I am showing is now almost ready except again few things around him. His cheek lost 1cm but I think I won't fix it (it reminds me of his younger years). While I paint his face of course so many memories came to alive and mostly made me cry. It is because he was my father and I remember the hardship of his life. I think most of daughters and sons feel the same more or less when we lose our parents, we want to cherish the memory we shared. It became bigger when we confront death. But I have to say that I don't want my father's spirit haunts around my life now. I want him to be on his place, nobody's but his own. I want his spirit to see what he should see and not what he wants to see. But then I don't understand the purpose of haunting spirits fully. Anyway in this painting I put my memories of him into his expression of face. This photo was from his 70 years old celebration. As much as a strong and passionate person he was, his death moments were much cruel. I learned so much lessons through him and his life. I want him to be in peace and be somewhere nothing to do with this life anymore...

Now I am about to start a new painting among 5 old paintings from last year. My heart is pumping with new rhythm. 

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