Sunday, February 2, 2014

space and time matter

Finally I made myself to sit on my oil painting chair after I've got some news for possible exhibitions.
At the moment this unfinished painting tells my current state of mind "very noisy" and I am willing to make those noises to be clam and quiet. I know that I am not that far to make them quiet until I find another noisy state of mind at least. Where time comes from? What is space? What is black hole? What is dark energy? Where feelings come from? Where all exciting questions come from? The good news is no one knows for sure. Why is it good news? Because there is no fixed belief or solid answers which can eliminate all the possibilities I have in my mind. I don't even want to narrow them down.. Endless open possibilities... Imagine ! What if the colors we are seeing are actually pretty much grey tone and space itself has much more bright lights without any particles. Totally another dimension of something absolute... who see us, infuse and dance with us while we can't see or even not feel them. There must be a language... And yes my mind has a total duality, for example I enjoy riding on dangerous slackline and I desire being in absolute comfort zone. According to Adyashanti it's because I am sleeping deeply in this illusionary world. I agree with him. But what about living in duality with harmony? Is it possible??

The mind is still and everything else is all changing... The mind is something the most important one and the rest is not. But these teachings need one to be quite advanced to understand. There are many layers between words and I wonder (once again) what if this is another belief system or another advanced position... I mean... awakening one only knows where he is. Where he believes he is... Well I don't really mind because these people always give us something truly important for our zen life but when we are awakened do we understand what black hole is? what is space? Can we see space how they really look like without eyes? Not just invisible people but fabric itself... entire veil...  In my opinion just now every single steps are important for everyone more than just one click awakening state. Like the relativity theory of Einstein, we all connected for some purpose. Scientists, spiritualists, geologists, mathematicians, salary men, millionaires, baggers, soldiers, artists, positive mind, negative thoughts.... somehow in someway we are needed all together. I think there is no one is better ( but more developed one) we have our purpose to be in each part. Like puzzles, every pieces are needed. That's what I feel... There are something we can't change, we can't control; we love to believe we can but the truth is the best we could do is that we allow ourselves to work through them with open our soul and body. And when we keep training ourselves in this way, our desire and theirs become more and more one. As the result amazing events come alive every single moment and you recognize them (that they are there), your heart beats with their voice. "mais oui c'est pas du tout facile." bah non! So these thoughts are in my painting now.

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