Thursday, February 7, 2013

one step forward

Last year I started angel's heart series, now I started the heart of angel series. The difference is that I was concentrating on the connection between two spirits last year, this time I feel the bigger picture between them is integrated. That fact makes me so exciting. I was painting a portrait recently and there is a technique of reality painting (glazing sort of) which I was trying, the result is something I've never done it before (not finished yet though), but I have to say that those reality paintings are not for me. The only reason I try this is to understand how these mediums work. I'd like to have a total freedom to do my work and to understand oil mediums will be useful in any case. Once I met someone who told me that painting is all about  technique. I just couldn't close my gaping mouth when he said that. Sometimes our different way of thinking gives us completely wrong idea about truth. What is truth.... okay that's another story. What I wanted to say here is that my goal right now is to find the middle ground that it shows reality (so people can understand) but free enough to fly off from all visual reality. Since I've met a blind baby I started to imagine the world without visual contact. For her the world doesn't look like the way we see. There is another world in her mind... And it's her truth and reality. We all have quite different reality in a way. I often find people who use a same language never be able to communicate each other. There is a common sense but without boundaries...  So eventually truth can be anything anywhere. My imagination sometimes comes in the middle of night and I found this is wonderful. When I am not really thinking about it, it comes to me....

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