Wednesday, April 18, 2012

mystical nature

My fire series continue while I am painting angel's heart series besides. Honestly Angel's series are pretty heavy and I keep asking myself if I have ability to bring them into my work. I get so much emotional when I paint and sometimes this emotion brings me into heavy tears... well only artist can understand probably. And also some paintings are whispering about their stories in my ear instead; actually i prefer this kind. Conversation with my paintings? I don't know if it is the right word... but yes there are ceaseless exchanges between my paintings and myself when I paint in oil. I constantly talk and listen what they want me to do.
This fire series comes from my studio where heating system is ancient wood stock furnace  and keeps the fire a whole day. It is beautiful. I love the language of silence. Wind blowing sound, stream water sound, rain sound, mist brume sound, the ocean bed sound, evening sunset sound, moon light sound, deep desert sand sound... and millions of stars sound. Yesterday night it was rainy but so many stars out to the sky took my breath away. Some of nights they are very noisy and wouldn't let me sleep until I go out and look at them or talk to them, they accept only heart. How can I compare my art to nature? I don't even think that way because if I think that way I would stop painting forever. I am making materials through spiritual world. Does it make sense?  No one can be better than nature but we are all part of nature. Our body will contribute one day to the mother earth. Mystical things need to be as mystical being. I believe universe has the precise rule and we all agree with the reason need to be. So... my fire series go on.

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