Saturday, March 10, 2012


My 'beauty of falling' series continue but mostly I am working with pen on the paper lately. I found this saves my time and I can get more ideas into reality. With oil I can be very frustrated because there are many images flee on my head and I couldn't catch up with them due to the slow process of oil nature. Now I am less obsessed with oil. Only one thing doesn't change is all I really want to is painting oil as much as I want to. well someday....

This fall series have many meanings for me and my life. And in my work I try to catch the moment of physical world to get through spiritual world. I always love to make something beautiful, I guess because that is what I feel and see from life. Like a child, everything is exciting and positive. I always keep that part as I grow older and older. I know what makes me happy, so I stick to what I want to have for my life. Or is it simply my nature?

I tried to avoid beautiful faces but I work lots of bodies because it gives me the connection between lines and space. The connection is the most important thing in life. we say oh i like cat, i like dog... well... it's not like that. do you like French but not American? The connection is not about name or style. There is one dog we love, there is a cat we love and there is a person I love and it could be French, Iranian, Korean, American or Malian... When you feel connected that is the moment you feel home. And there shouldn't be judged by cover name. To see through what is a fake and what is a real... it is very much about connection.

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