Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Why spirits?

I started new blog 'Istudy' in my new website of "Art and Sprits". If someone asks me why I am writing about spirits... I actually have no special answer for it. But I think that I have been always interested in 'real solutions' rather than just instant comforts from surfacing world. I saw people around me have many repeated pattern of misery in life. I didn't want to be like them. To break pattern of misery takes deep courage which is related to the spiritual world, inner place. The place we can't see...

If someone asks me why I believe in spirits... I would say how not to? Since I was young I had dreams which showed me future events and people's feather or dead relatives with messages etc.. There are ghost everywhere in this world. Have you ever heard any country who do not know what ghost means? I think it is not a matter of belief, but it is a matter of thinking deeper the question of why and how.

In my understanding, there are three worlds. The first is where human lives and the way of being is expressed as horizontal straight lines here. Basically the world is moving by five sense world. But people who understand more makes a different way. And they open the way to communicate with the second world which is spiritual world. The second world of being is constantly moving without form. Here I made few circle lines since their abilities are much more clear without self. The third world is where all creations come from. The unfathomable energies and cosmic mind... well I left space in the middle because honestly I can't even imagine all that. In this drawing what I wanted to express is the different way of 'focus' of being. And also my wish is that if we understand more we can live better.

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