Tuesday, December 11, 2012

study of kabbalah

I was looking for symbols of tree then I found the page of 'Arbre Kabbalistic', I decided to study more. What I found is not just about tree symbol but another answer I was longing to understand. My pleasure increased while I was listening these lectures. Kabbalah comes from Judaism, it has been interpreted between mysticism or religion in Judaism, but Anthony Kosinec explains that Kabbalah is neither religion nor mysticism, it is only people who can't understand with current state of awareness think it is a magic (it is a matter of what is hidden and what is revealed), in fact kabbalah is a hidden science written for the way to make direct connections with our root level. It teaches us the way to attain inner transformation. There are two levels, branch level and root level. There are two paths, path of pain which is clinging to physical world, slow grounding and need experiences (this can go forever) and path of torah, mitzvot (inner connection instructed by light). What is a person?  A closed box with 5 senses dealing with purposely hidden source. The lack of filling 'sense of pleasure' motivates everything. There are 613 desires, 613 laws (forces), interconnection of 600.000 collected souls, 125 steps to climb, among 125 steps there are 5 discerned phases. what can't be attained what can't be named. Men rejects a half of reality because our inner programming of "will to receive" is active as a guide system. There are 5 phases. The first is secrets of Torah, his essence, creator, initial thought, root of our reality and this is only known by attainment,  the second phase is Behina Aleph vessel begins to sense nature of light as giver the third, desire to give, Ohr hassidim. The forth is Behina Gimmel, reception in order to give,  copy the act of creator. The last phase is Behina Dalet, thinking part of creator or statue of creator and possibly equal to creator. There are many deeply touching verses but here I chose to present ' the action of intelligence '.

We observe that in every deed performed in the world there adhere and remains in that deed the very mind which performed it: so that in the table we sense the mindful craft of the carpenter and his command of his craft, whether great or small.

For at the time of his work he evaluated it with his knowledge and intelligence, so that one who examines that deed and thinks about mind concealed therein (realizes) it is from its inception bound up with the mind that made it that is, they are, in fact, unified.

And therefore, when someone thinks about his friend's performance and comprehends the intelligence that he exercised in that performance, then both are equally involved with one power and intelligence, they are, now, in fact, unified like a man who chances upon his beloved friend in the market and embraces and kisses him and to draw them apart is impossible on account of the great bond between them.

This tells us about given quality of mind (desire to give), quality of love and intentions are always behind work related from the very beginning. And one who feels and comprehends this, knows how to bond with his creator. I found much of thirst that was hovering around my mind had been quenched by this study. Everything is as it should be..... Thank to shiny people and their creator, our creator.

Therefor the acts and the remedies that he performs in order to obtain "Lishima", create the corrected vessels to want to receive Lishima. Only then can he pray an honest prayer from the bottom of his hert, and the creator hears his prayer and gives him the gift of Lishima, which is 'need' and it's a huge reward. The work itself renders one with pleasure and vitality, and this is considered that the pleasure is aimed at the creator.

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