Sunday, December 2, 2012

story of them

These Tam Tam and Gregoire sketches are somewhat I probably would see either funny or ugly faces, if I didn't have a loving heart of them. Of course I don't know them. 7 years ago when I still lived in paris I saw this book which introduced by Jane Goodall and I felt very drawn to these Chimpanzees faces. She described how they were born, grown up without parents and how humans sadly treated them. It says how Gregoire who had been a living skeleton in Brazzaville zoo without sun without company for years, got out to little patio and got attached with a female orphan slowly and so gently. And they became inseparable. His face has hardly formed, it has many abstract spaces. I wouldn't chose his face if I didn't read his story. Among all his face is the most dark and bizzarre, like a unrecognizable strange map.The story of these animals, it's only because they are not like humans figures, they can't talk and they are not so much pretty or smart creatures.... whatever reasons are they suffer so much with ignorant humans. Since I have lived in country side my love for animals really expended. Touching them makes me feel special. It is like an animal itself is love, they present to make us feel love. Their way of responding to our kindness is incredibly honest and receptive. Of course I don't know gorillas in that sense. When I draw lines of their faces, strange emotions occurred to me. I feel the pain, warmth and wisdom. If I have to live my life with this kind of face and caged by humans... that wouldn't be so easy to feel a joy. But they certainly know how to feel joy. If I have a strong love for this kind of face person, that also wouldn't be so easy to live together in this world. We are so obsessed with forms and hardly see the deep truth. What makes me sad in this world is unkind people. They are unkind because they don't learn. The book was made by hoping that it helps people to understand better our place in nature. We are different from other animals but not as different as we thought, she says. For me I want to participate or support those loving people's thoughts by using my art. The beauty is what we perceive with our eyes of mind. I am going to continue this series.

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