Tuesday, September 20, 2011

portugal trip

My backpack alone trip to Cascais was wonderful and very inspiring. While I was re-organize all my heart feelings and thoughts, at the other side I met people without any expectations and felt great bonds with them. Later on that journey I strongly thought that I mean to be there traveling and meeting those people.... It was quite a bizarre feeling until the end of the road to home. I got the invitation from Barcelona, Casa Batllo and this is a fantastic opportunity for me and some purchases from people which make me go on in a busy state. Today I sent all my paintings for London and now I am setting up my own print shop in trying to make simple and jolie designs. ( long way to go) But for the oil paintings I lately have no desire but the sea world.... Every desire of my heart belongs to the sea that such a force which I've felt on my back when I tried to stand up on the board. Smoking furious sacred water!!! I would not mind to be an alien who lives in the deep ocean. I found the book of "deep country" by Neil Ansell, it is not about sea world but his life style caught up my attention. Why this book draw my attention at this moment of my life? That I don't know but it scares me honestly even though I know everything would be very very fine and eventually I would accept what is right for me. I will start to read tomorrow hopefully. Jeffrey doesn't give me any news, it has been now 2 years. His little figure is inside Time crossing painting. I miss them...

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