Wednesday, May 18, 2011

two subjects

Finally I started to paint... well, I can't stop no matter what. This is about my father and a tree. I saw him standing besides tree, his body doesn't exist but his soul is. Now how can I mix these two subjects in my small canvas........ I used my father's photo which i took it when he was sick on his room a year before he passed away.

still I am in the middle of way painting. To paint this brings so many memories of him...  His family from the north was Buddhist, since he couldn't meet his family after war separating the country, he has been very ardent to make ritual ceremonies every year. I grew up watching him dedicating his heart to that ceremony. He wished before he died to his first son to make his ceremony as he had done whole his life for his parents. The first son refused it because he and his family are presbyterian. Heartbreaking, at least to me.....!! In that sense I would prefer to live without religion if you think to love your parents is a sin. You can't bow your dead father? You should be not korean then. You shouldn't be his son and should not have such great amount of inheritance, logic, no? What i mean here is that is only respect matter nothing else...... I have so much beautiful memories about buddhist temples, bell, candles, forests, early breakfast thing... I am catholic in my heart of choice... I love Jesus and that 'love' should embrace all others. no? I don't believe there is nothing wrong to accept other's religion specially for your dead father.......... Give your respect that's all.

But then there probably more reasons for my big brother... 

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