Thursday, December 9, 2010

what the heck is foiled moth?

When I met Damien, he talked about this little boat named foiled moth "little wing" this Summer. I just nodded my head with mere understanding at that time. When I saw Moth for the first time, I have to say... weird ! what the heck ! I went to silvaplana in zurich with Damien who was participated the european race for moth. It was just after the " le tour de finistere a la voile" and it made me comparison about organization. Silvaplana organization was as cold as the swiss weather! At the sailing race in bretagne, every night we had a delightful gathering with all participating people, drinking and talking until late night... Anyway my point was not there to complain swiss cold organization. The lake of silvaplana has the most beautiful color I've ever seen and all the moths from different countries were flying on and off through the lake by freezing wind. It was breathtaking to see them on the other side of road. When the body of boat flies it doesn't touch the water but foils do. The boats are on the air with foils like pointy needles . As much as important to ride the boat properly, to take care of the boat is a real job also. I was amazed how much detailed job was needed to take care of this kind of fragile boat. Buying boat is when you have enough money but taking care of boat is when you have plenty of love and patience only for sailing. It is the same when you surf, you have to peddle for an hour just to ride on one great wave. Maybe life is all the same. Just for making one thing right we need so many efforts and much patience. There are always the best champions and very known names for the moth but for me, the important thing was about learning how people live to follow and dedicate to their dreams. Right now I am just witnessing but who knows? 

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