Friday, May 14, 2010

san diego cove memory.

This is a memory with my amazing daughter Mel from San diego cove diving 2 years ago. Down there was so beautiful and mysterious but dolphins were not there and we all wore black wet-suits back then, of course. I made her naked (almost) here. And I mentioned her amazing because it was the first diving in the ocean to her and she wasn't afraid or anything, not even blinking her eyes once! I had level 2 certificate but her natural diving seemed much better than my freaky nature. Everyone that day had admired her while i was pulling back by instructor (my H2O bottle had been almost empty, I floatted up) from the surface. what a shame! For me it took me two years to have achieved that level. She possess such an unshakable attitude or heart. I wonder how she made of... hahaha. She's becoming my hero... such a tomboy girl.

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