Tuesday, April 20, 2010

painting of the air

Wonderland series began today. It took me so much time to make these things out from my heart place. Today while i was starting these new series, my easel collapsed to the floor with one bang sound, completely dismantled one part to another. I've got it in paris the year of 2004. It supported my artwork for 6 years, probably it was exhausted. Honestly I was relieved because it was always rickety, I knew it would break down sooner or later. Another good bye. Next time I will buy something stronger so it will last much more than 6 years. My painting subjects are animals and underwater world : that's my desire right now. Before I tried to paint, I actually didn't know which animal is related with me and what purpose. Lately I feel some animals have much more connections with myself than the others. Strange to feel my animals. Anyway the point of what I'm trying to say here is that I paint them not because they are just beautiful but they are closer to my heart. Also I don't just want to paint an animal, I want to express color of the air, the connection between animals and humans, visible and invisible world. I have a month before my exhibition. I want to do all my best.

(first draft) i decided not to show my wonderland series for this June exhibition but I continue this series for the following exhibition. I personally love this series because it is really my inner world.

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