Tuesday, September 1, 2009

where am I now...

I had lost my way during my journey. only my soul was wondering while i stood still. Right now I am walking to a distant place. Only the travelers witnessed the song, the forbidden song, and I became attached to it as I heard it alone.

people who stays in the shallow part of water can't feel the same value of deep water. If they don't know why life bring them down seriously it's only because they don't accept the depth of life inside or they stopped somewhere. To stay in the shallow shore must feel very good and safe..... but in their heart, they can't help to see deep water people with full of jealousy eyes.... and that jealous makes this world ugly. What scared me most in where I live is an angelic innocent smile on their faces. You would never imagined before you get stabbed. Still their stabbing makes me grow better, I wish them to do better for their live..... and wish only if i have bigger love in my heart.

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