Thursday, April 5, 2018

How I draw abstract drawings.

Where I live is 3 story small modern apartment and this drawing tells that spring is coming from outside of my building. The ground floor has only door and back there there are people who are blinds. The first floor has a new young man and a bit chic people and the third one (which is the second floor in France) is my place. Lately I draw without looking at any image. At first I didn't know the direction but now I can feel how to keep going using only lines and colours. Today I used color marker pens instead of watercolor. Now new marker pen comes with brush shape and it is much easier to use.

What I like about new way of drawings is that it's totally free from my past work. I mean past work gave me the basic foundation to have this ability, yes but I have been waiting for new way of expressing. It was like fishing. When it comes, I had to grab that idea quickly. However it was very brief moment, it had a strong light that I could hardly forget this time. Starting work is like surfing. I have my board in the middle of ocean and ready to ride. Sometimes it has big waves, sometimes it has small waves. I learn how to ride as I want. It's also cooking time using different lines. Someday I will arrive to another fresh way of expressing. 

At the bottom drawing is about giraffe, if only one can see him. I use every colour in my palette each time I draw. Because I want to be fair, because they are all beautiful. I love the color of black but somehow I love to use black alone rather than mix with other colors until now. These drawings are not stories, they don't have stories. I just make them up after the drawings are done. I like that way. I don't like "untitled". If drawings are my babies (which they are not in fact) they need names when they are born. I need to find their characters to give names. By the way are they abstract? I guess so. Design Abstract Art.

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