Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Energy (Gi) drawing

When I held the brush it wanted to move itself and there is something very strong like a huge rock that wanted to sink into space of paper. That was felt from my mind... it could be my energy or someone's moving through me? I had no idea what I was doing when I started... then after several drawings I wanted to know more about that feeling. In the morning when everything is so quiet, I make brush standing straight up from the paper. Ink drops like a ringing bell and once brush sticks on the paper, it moves with such speed, there is no hesitance or considerable thought. Thought comes later one step behind and it wants to control. I let it participate for subtle few details. I realize then what Ive been longing most importantly from my life was freedom. Freedom from all limitation : barrier, tradition, nation, emotion and words... towards truth.

Repetition is not necessary but series allow me to develop the process with much patience. Because I still live in time until I understand that there is no time. I know that still long way ahead of me to understand and absorb all. Meanwhile I draw various forms which bring me trivial pleasure that will continue... Until when? I don't know. What I love about life is that there are so many things I don't know and this makes me feel so rich and happy! I guess this is one of aspects people don't understand me at all... But if I need to explain why, I would say it's because of space. Imagine you put all stuff in your room and you fill fulfilled, there is not much space there. The space you should enjoy, learn and move freely... 

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