Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ego and energy drawing

These are pen drawings about ego states, I was expecting 4 drawings but the final one I couldn't do it... The first one is a self centered ego, it doesn't understand what relationship truly means, therefore his energy is blocked. This state gives a self pity and misery. The second one is an intellectual ego, loves his family and his nation but doesn't understand the equal importance of others, therefore his energy is waisted. This sequence brings destruction, war and hate. The third one is aware of these three egos and their interactions between. This obviously leads to the next but since the resistance is there, the energy is still limited. Most of people have all these three egos on different portions.

And I guess the fourth one is who has a completely different mind, don't have any trace of these three ego state and sees 'ego' as a little nameless flower on earth. Whom these three ego people can't measure or understand... Inspiration wasn't with me yet or simply I am afraid to draw it. I mean, is it possible to imagine the limitless energy ...? The state of "nothing changes outside but everything changes inside".

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