Friday, October 26, 2012


Everyone has different fingerprints, Every leaves have different cells, Every stars have different radiants... It is so exciting to me to discover all different things in culture, languages and attitude... One person is like a planet. What he or she creates for its own planet is all depends on oneself. And we get the effect from one to another. To know someone is to visit another planet. How exciting !! In France (this is not new though) many artists have used 'ambiguity' into their work often. It spreads beautiful mood in art work, like mists on the forest. But I came to asking myself if ambiguity is as same as mystic secrets in life? Mostly mystic secrets are like puzzles in life time, and there is a great hidden love behind the scene. Life is not black and white but what i see is these.
There is an answer 'no' by true love concerned mind.
There is an answer 'no' by sincerely refused mind.
There is an answer 'no' by selfish careless mind.
There is an answer 'no' by dishonest mind.
There is an answer 'no' by confused scared mind.
There is an answer 'no' by coincé mind.

I mean what else?

One of friends photographer in his work which I saw last week showed all ambiguity, blur and dark lights mostly. They were stunning because they made me feel to go inside photos to find out what is really going on and another side I had a feeling that wanting to sit back and enjoy all vague mood and stop thinking, like smoking weaves. Those ecstatic moments by covering clear objects whatever are inside. It is a quite powerful tempting beauty. You don't search what is right or wrong, instead, accept whoever we are and see life without any judgement around you. In a way your door could be more open to others. It seems protecting us from harmful rigid facts and increasing our flexibility. It allows me to stay in both side of life. What I don't like about that tendency is to use it as an 'excuse' for opportunists. Not entirely but I adopted a little bit attitude of it into my work lately. However I won't call it as ambiguity, it is more about connecting or permeating whole energy world with an ambivalent mind. I was very much yes or no person someways and last week in my big discovery about loving mind, some blocking source was removed. And that allows me to work better in oil paintings. This painting I started today is in my head for long long time and finally it is about to come out. I use Mellany's 8 years old photo which I took it before I left her. And in this I imagine that her world collapses when her mother left her side and the secret wound and burden keep looking for the space of threshold.

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